Had it not been for my keen, younger sister, and my trusty calendar, I would be totally oblivious to the fact that fall had arrived. I credit my unawareness of the changing seasons to my love of summer and unwillingness to admit that it is over.

As a person who cherishes the warmth of the sun, and detests cold weather, I can definitely say that I was not looking forward to fall, and the chills that it brings.

 Stepping outside, you can almost smell fall in the air, if that makes any sense. And, of course, there are visual reminders of the new season; red, orange and yellow leaves, and the blossoming of flowers such as mums.

 In a way, fall eases us cold–hating folk like me into winter. I suppose I would rather transition gradually from warm to cold, instead of having the temperature drop from 33 degrees Celsius to – 15 in one day.

 Although I have my complaints about fall (and let’s face it; who doesn’t?), I can’t imagine having not having four different seasons. Two months of summer feels short, yes, but can you imagine twelve months of flip – flops and sunscreen? I sure can’t.

 This brings me to my next point, which is this: there are so many things to love about summer. No school (which means no homework), warm weather, swimming, going on vacation, and eating ice cream are a few things that I love about summer. I’m sure that given the opportunity, I could go on for  a long time listing off all of the things I love about summer.

 But I’m not sure I could do the same for fall.

 Okay, I admit; there are some things I like about fall. As I mentioned earlier, I love the way it smells and looks outside, and Halloween is always fun. But in fall, schools starts, it gets colder… oh, and sandflies start to come out.

 I don’t know about you, but I hate sandflies almost as much as I hate cold weather (okay, maybe not that much, but you get the point). I know that they can’t harm you; and really, the size comparison between a sandfly and a human is laughable. But there’s something about those leggy insects that makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

 Sandflies are an example of something that I tend to forget about during the year. I only really think about them when fall rolls around, and I can’t leave my house without having to carry a fly – swatter with me. (I’m just kidding, I don’t really do this… but perhaps I should start!)

 I think that sandflies are unnecessary, annoying, and scary; but that’s just my opinion! And that’s the beauty of fall, and really, life; we all see beauty in different things. So while I’m taking a rather pessimistic approach to fall, there are probably people out there who absolutely adore fall. And, come to think of it, there are probably people out there who  -shudder- like sandflies.

 In conclusion, remember to always see both sides of things. Fall can be beautiful and picturesque, but it can also be scattered with sandflies. If you can look past the bugs, cold weather, and raking leaves, you can see the beauty of fall.

 Oh, and by the way… if you think I hate fall, wait until winter comes!


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