Imagine, if you can, what the world looked like before humans came along in the predominant state that we are in today. I’m talking no buildings; no institutions, no schools, no homes, no highways, nothing. Just grass, forests, lakes, beaches, and oceans. Animals would roam free, living in their natural habitats, with no human interference at all.

Isn’t it hard to imagine?!

I, for one, think that it is. The world we live in today is so full of traces of humans that it is hard to imagine all of those traces disappearing. I’m not just talking about the environmental impact that we leave, in terms of our carbon footprint, but also the land that we have taken up.

Even just looking out the window, it is hard not to see traces of humans. We have cleared forests to build houses and apartment complexes; we have destroyed natural parts of the environment, all for our own use.

Of course, with our rapidly growing population, building new houses and institutions is necessary – or, at least, until we come up with a better solution, they will be necessary. So it seems like harming the environment is inevitable, and maybe it is: but there is a difference between harming the environment and ignoring it.

We live in a beautiful world, from the changing of the seasons, to the bountiful beauty of the places humans have vowed to preserve, and sometimes, people chose to not enjoy the beauty of it. Surrounded by distractions, mainly in the form of technology, it can be easy to forget to look out the window and be thankful for what you see.

This may just be my personal opinion, and that’s fine. I mean, when we admire nature, it doesn’t really have an impact on nature (we can compliment the pretty flowers all we want, but unlike when we compliment humans, the flowers won’t reply back with thanks). But in a strange, interesting way, when we admire nature, it does impact the environment.

If us as humans appreciate nature more, we will value it more, and therefore feel some ownership over it and try to protect it. By realizing what we have, and how easily it can be destroyed and taken from us, we will want to conserve Earth’s natural resources, and care for our planet.

You may think that you can’t do anything to save the environment; or you might think that you don’t need to, because there are over 7 billion other people who can protect it for you.

Listen to the song ‘What a Wonderful World’ by Louis Armstrong, and listen closely to the lyrics. The song shows that we have a world, a wonderful one, and it is held by over 7 billion hands. If one person lets go of it, then it won’t fall, but if enough people let go, then this could definitely create problems. Hold onto the world, and hold onto it tightly. Admire and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us, and make yourself aware of how to make sure that generations after us can admire that same beauty.

 Take some time out of your day, and go outside. Fall in love with the world you live in, and let it know that you love it; and it might just return the sediment.