If your life was a movie, what would it be like?

There would be a trailer, probably, that would showcase the most important – and exciting – moments of your life. So that’s about 5 minutes of moments that would excite a crowd of anxious moviegoers… Could you fill it up?

The moments don’t have to be life changing; they just have to mean something to you. If you can’t think of any stand-out moments in your life, then I suggest you try to make some.

Now, think about the rest of the movie. Not all of it would be the thrilling adventure that was in the trailer. You would need some, for lack of a better word, fluff: things that are important, but not particularly jump-out-of-your-chair-and-cover-the-people-around-you-with-popcorn important.

If the trailer represents moments, the fluff represents minutes.

Minutes are what life is “officially” measured in, and it only takes a look at an analog clock to realize the value of a minute – and how easy it is to waste. Moments, on the other hand, can’t be cataloged by letters and numbers. Moments are the things you smile for days after, the things that leave you speechless and that no amount of pictures, videos, or words can even begin to describe.

Life is composed of many things, and individuals see it differently. At face value, life is composed of minutes. Minutes feed into hours, and hours feed into days; days turn into weeks, weeks into months, months into years, years into a lifetime. But deeper, under the surface, life isn’t composed simply of minutes. It is also made up of moments.

In the end, the way you choose to measure your life is up to you. Will you take advantage of an average, everyday minute and make it a moment? Or will you think of moments as minutes, and minutes as moments, and try to make every minute count?

Whatever your answer is, I’d love to hear it! Let me know in the comments; how, if at all, will you measure your life, and why?