Fire is generally seen as a destructive force, but like most destructive things, it can also be beautiful. The same principle of fire relates to fireworks, and few people would deny the beauty of seeing colourful flames burst into the air, celebratory cheers accompanying the momentous occasion.

Fire isn’t just a thing, categorized into divisions of polar opposites, like beautiful and destructive, or ruined by and created by. Fire can be metaphorical; it can represent a plethora of things, from anger to inspiration, from revenge to fear. It can also represent passion.  

Passion, in the words of Oprah Winfrey, is energy. The famous television personality has been quoted as saying, “Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.” 

A passion can be a hobby, or a job. It can be anything, really, so long as it is something you love to do.

To me, passion is the thing you wake up for, and the thing you fall asleep thinking about. It is the metaphorical fire inside of you that fuels you through doing things that aren’t really your passion and motivates you to make it through those things so that you can work on your passion, whatever it might be.  

So, in this sense, choosing a passion, setting goals, and working towards achieving them can help improve other aspects of your life, as well. Not to mention that if feelings of happiness, or success, are derived from your passion, then the quality of your life will improve as well.   

The burning question on the topic of passions is this: what if I don’t have a passion?!

In my mind, this question sparks an image of a closet filled with – presumably failed – attempts at finding a passion: a tattered soccer ball, a set of paints and an unused canvas, and barely broken in ballet slippers. These are all things that for some people, represent the passion for which they live – yet, for others, they represent something entirely different; an attempt to find a passion.  

Finding a passion isn’t always easy. It’s like making a fire without dry wood; you might get some sparks, and get excited about them, but then they might die out. Eventually, though,when you persevere and try hard enough, you will find a way to create the fire, and your passion will be born.