Every year on September 1st, millions of Harry Potter fans around the world wake up wishing they were on a train. A train departing from a platform called 9 and ¾, that is; and a train heading for a school called Hogwarts, where pupils are taught not math, or science, but something entirely different.

The magic of Harry Potter captivated an enormous amount of people’s hearts, and though all of the books and movies have been released, it still continues to. There is an unexplainable connection that can be felt with the book series – despite the fact that they are centered around a fabled concept that has no real meaning in our lives.

Or does it?

Okay, so we can’t do magic. We don’t have magical wands, and we don’t learn spells, and we certainly don’t live our lives in fear of a bald, nose-less wizard whose name goes unspoken. But, as the books and movies demonstrate, magic isn’t just a concept commonly used in books and movies.  

Magic is friendship, and love, and the things that we can’t see, but are still there. As author Rolad Dahl once said, “Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it”.

If we don’t believe that all of these beautiful, positive things exist in the world, then we will continually overlook them, all the while convincing ourself that they don’t exist, when in reality, the perspective we’ve given ourselves doesn’t allow us to see them.

However, if we keep an open mind, even about things that our past experiences have told us to avoid, we might just end up finding something incredible that we otherwise would have completely ignored.

Even though we aren’t witches and wizards (though I know some of us are still in denial about that), it doesn’t mean that we don’t have opportunities to make magical things happen in our lives!