As I’m sure you are aware, the Winter Olympics are fast approaching. It is difficult to look at any form of news source without seeing or hearing about them, but instead of sharing excitement and joy about the upcoming Olympic Games, held in Sochi, Russia, many of the topics surrounding them are negative.

While this may be warranted, especially considering bad news seems to capture more attention than good news, the Olympics are not a time of negativity. The last winter Olympics created wonderfully positive headlines, about athlete’s victories and triumphs, penned by proud spectators.

United by a sense of pride, citizens of victorious countries rejoiced and celebrated, standing up a little straighter at hearing their National Anthem. This is something that I look forward to at the Olympics; knowing that as I cheer on my country’s athletes from in front of the television screen at my house, there will be people across not only my country, but also the world, doing the same.

One would think that the basic premise of the Olympics would tear countries apart, as it only seems to make sense that competing against athletes from other countries would create rifts and tension. However, the magic of the Olympic Games is that the opposite of this happens. Countries are united by the common goals that the Olympics embody, as fans from all different walks of life gather to cheer on athletes representing their country.

This is the beauty of the Olympics; the world is united, if only for a few short weeks, to make memories that will last a lifetime. Let me know in the comments; what makes the Olympics so special to you, and what are you looking forward to seeing when they commence next week?