I don’t know about you, but where I live, it is absolutely freezing. I’m not talking a few digits below zero, zip up your winter coat before you head out the door kind of freezing. I’m talking layer your mittens, don’t even bother looking out the window because the gusts of snow obliviate any view, and stay inside at all costs kind of cold.

Sometimes, the cold weather is tolerable. Sometimes, though, it is not. And when it’s not, there are a few things that you can do to try to stay warm (besides the obvious, which is to flock to your fireplace and avoid moving from your comfortable – not to mention extremely warm – position).

The first is this: remind yourself that cold is just a sensation. This might not necessarily be true, or feel true when you’re standing outside shivering in frigid air, but make yourself believe it. Tell yourself that cold is nothing more than a feeling, like being embarrassed or worried. If you stop focusing on the feeling, and don’t let it consume you, then it won’t (or, at least, you won’t feel like it is).

Secondly, a freezing, snow-filled day is someone’s idea of a beautiful day. Someone, somewhere in the world, loves the cold weather. Actually, probably, a lot of people do. I don’t, but some of the other 7 billion people I share this earth with do. So, don’t waste your energy wishing for a warm, sunny day, or whatever is your idea of a perfect day in terms of weather.

Instead,be happy for the people who are beside themselves with excitement at their favourite weather. Or, try to think on the positive side! Winter gives you an excuse to be by the warm fire, not to mention partake in winter sports (such as skiing or snowboarding), or simply sitting inside and taking in the beauty of the falling snow.

Last, but certainly not least: be grateful for the warmth you have, because some people don’t have any. This is a fact that most people, if not everyone, is aware of, but often forgets. It is easy, though not warranted nor fair, to forget this, and it just takes a bit of cold weather to serve as a reminder for how fortunate we are.

I hope that wherever you are, and whatever the weather conditions, you are staying warm and safe. Thanks for reading!