Today, I came home to find that my cat, who is usually fast asleep, was extremely hyper. I watched and laughed as she jumped over invisible hurdles, leapt off chairs into the unknown, and bounded up and down stairs as if being chased.

The things my cat played with were all ordinary things – or, at least, all except her ostrich-shaped cat scratcher. However, she saw the chairs surrounding the table as more than empty; she saw them as an opportunity to have fun. The house became her playground, and the ordinary objects in it became the instruments that she used to make music (metaphorically, of course. My cat can’t play any instruments… that I know of, anyways).

Wrapped up in thoughts of prospective perception, it is easy to only simply see things at face value and not look deeper (Is it a chair? Or a cat play structure? Who knows!). In addition, it is easy to forget that this is our life. We have the freedom to make our own decisions, and we have the ability to do so.

Just like my house regularly becomes my cats playground, life is our playground! We can change things in our lives as we see fit, and we can choose to modify these changes anytime we want, whenever we want. We are free to do this. Why? Because the world is our playground. I think that too often, we forget this.

We forget that we have the power to control what happens in our lives. and we forget this not because we’re not smart enough to figure it out, but because we’re so focused on the impact that other people have on our lives that the impact that we have on our own is suddenly less important.

Other people can impact your life, sure, but none more than you. In the end, you make your own decisions, and you call your own shots. You are in charge of the direction you take on the metaphorical playground of life, which leaves the answer to this question up to you: what direction are you going to take?