Busy seems to be the new happy.

People used to be pitied for being busy; but now, they are envied. Time for relaxation is viewed as laziness. We have built up our lives into endless chores and activities, telling ourselves we can only be a worthwhile addition to this spinning planet that we call Earth if our daily planners are bursting at the seams.

It’s true that busy people get more things done, but that doesn’t mean that “busy” is something we should all aspire to be!

What happened to  striving towards happiness, success, and the other thousands of positive things that we can be?

There’s a huge difference between being productive, and having effective time management skills, as opposed to being perpetually “busy”. Time to relax and unwind should be valued so much more than it is, instead of just being transition time to shepherd ourselves into our next task.

There isn’t much glamour in being busy. Running around from place to place doesn’t make you feel like a movie star, contrary to  what some may believe.

If you rely on an agenda or planner, try this: schedule some time…

…for yourself.

Use that time to do something you are passionate about, or to take a breather and relax. If you are able to schedule time to use up, you should be able to schedule time to relax!

There are so many positive words we can use to define ourselves, and our lives – why should “busy” be one of them?