Over the Thanksgiving weekend, I visited my favourite place; my cottage. As I marvelled at the beauty of the colourful trees, it struck me how so many things can stay the same when Fall brings so many changes.

A tree across the street from my cottage. Too pretty not to take a picture of!
A tree across the street from my cottage. Too pretty not to take a picture of!

I recently saw a quote on a board outside a church that read ‘If you are adverse to change, look at fall.’  I have found myself thinking a lot about this quote, especially during my time at my cottage.

In the past year, a lot of things have changed in my life; but something that has remained constant is my love for writing. This is perhaps only grown stronger in the past year, as I have pushed myself to write more and explore where my writing can take me. A lot of this exploration was through this blog, and so I thought today I would write about my blogging journey.

It began last September in English Class. My teacher was explaining a semester-long project that we would have, called a Passion Project. As she spoke, my mind immediately jumped to the prospect of writing a blog.

At that point, I didn’t really know what a blog was. All I knew was that my dad had written one, and that it was definitely what I was going to do for my project. I arrived home that day talking a mile-per-minute, and my dad emerged into his office only to come back minutes later with a stack of books about blogging.

After I realized what a blog actually was, I became even more excited. I chose to host my blog on WordPress (an easy decision), but had a lot of trouble choosing a name for my blog. Originally, I wanted ‘Sherina Says’; but now I look back and am glad I decided on ‘Sherina Speaks’.

The header of my old theme. Oh, how times have changed!
The header of my old theme. Oh, how times have changed!

My next decision was choosing a theme. Up until very recently, I kept the same theme. It was called dusk to dawn, and I chose it because my middle name is Dawn.

The background of the theme started out a dark shade of navy blue, and transitioned into various lighter shades of blue before arriving at a light yellow colour. The first time I saw the yellow colour appear as the background to one of my posts, I was terrified. I had no clue the theme did that! I later realized it was called dusk to dawn for a reason.

I like to think of my blogging experience a lot like that theme. At first, everything was new and unfamiliar to me. But then, just as dusk turns to night, and night turns to dawn, things changed for me.

Post by post, follower by follower, I began to see what this whole ‘blogging’ thing was all about. In truth, there’s a lot they don’t tell you about blogging in those books, because like with any art form there are a lot of things that can’t be explicitly expressed about blogging – you just have to find them out for yourself.

If you have just started blogging, or are struggling with any aspect of it, let this be a sign to keep going. Because you might have a few days with no views or dismal statistics; but those days build you up for the better days, where you look at your views and think, “where did all of these come from?!”

The autumn season, to me, is a beautiful reminder of change in a positive sense, and also the fact that while many things can change some things never will. For me over the past year, many positive changes have occurred; but something that I know will never waiver is my love for writing and blogging.