November is an awkward month. Situated in between October, or Halloween month, and December, or Christmas month, what is it really? I mean, there’s the American Thanksgiving, but I’m not American.

Curious as to what I should be decorating for this month, I began researching what Holidays are in November. As it would turn out, today is a National Holiday in the United States, called Look For Circles Day.

I wish I was making this up, but I am 100% serious. The origins and reasons behind Look For Circles Day are unknown, but it is a legitimate National Holiday in the States and although I am Canadian I thought I would celebrate it anyways.

I could go on and on about all of the circles in my bedroom, but with the exception of my 10 rolls of circular washi tape and my pet turtle (who is, arguably, shaped like a circle) I don’t really have that much to say about physical circles. But not all circles are physical.

There is, for example, a circle of karma. Do something bad, and it will circle back to you. Same goes for doing something good.

“It seemed like a good idea at the time!”
“It seemed like a good idea at the time!”

Circles also often represent stages. The life cycle of a frog, for example, is a circle. Same with the life cycle of a butterfly. These continuing cycles demonstrate the beauty of nature.

With humans interfering so much in nature, it is almost a relief to remember that animals are self sufficient and survive on their own. It is also a jarring reminder that these life cycles were occurring before we humans starting polluting the planet and ruining what the animals had owned before us.

There is also a circle of life, as told in the Lion King: “It’s the Circle of Life/ And it moves us all/ Through despair and hope/ Through faith and love/ Till we find our place/ On the path unwinding/ In the Circle/ The Circle of Life.”

Mufasa and Simba
Mufasa and Simba

Mufasa, the King, explains it to his son, Simba, using an example that though they (the lions) eat antelopes, when they die they become grass and then the antelope eats the grass, so therefore everything is connected in the Circle of Life. In essence, the Circle of Life means allowing nature to follow its natural course, and not interfering with it.

A circle may not have a point (get it?) but I’m starting to think that maybe this day does. I’m sure if you searched hard enough, you could find a holiday on each day of the year, that at first seems pointless but in actuality is not so.

After all, it might seem pointless to search for circles but they are an important part of nature and life. What other day of the year reminds us of that?

Happy National Look for Circles Day!