I don’t usually pay much attention to stars – the burning plasma in the sky kind, I mean, not the kind that walk down red carpets. I try not to pay much attention to them either, but that’s a story for another time. Anyways…

Today I have noticed an abundance of star-related things. This isn’t just because my school’s upcoming semi formal has the theme of Starry Night or because I spent my morning making origami stars with my friend as decorations for the aforementioned semi formal. I mean, those two things definitely started it, but once the two of us started looking, we realized that references to stars were everywhere we looked.

There were star-shaped Holiday decorations on people’s houses; there were references to stars in so many songs we heard – for example, in Demi Lovato’s I Really Don’t Care, she sings, “…but even if the stars and moon collide,…”

Now suddenly aware of all of these references to stars, I began to wonder why we all seem so interested, if not obsessed, with the idea of something that is millions of miles away from us.

I think part of our fixation on stars and space is because it is something unknown to us. Usually when we don’t know something, we are apprehensive of it. There are so many things to be afraid of in space, so many mysteries and things we don’t know.

We haven’t explored all of it, and for all we know there could be a whole other universe like ours, or another planet sustaining intelligent life; and this could be a good thing!

But for some reason, this isn’t the side of space that people focus on. Because yes, while there are things to be afraid of, there are also so many possibilities. I believe it is these positive unknowns, the possibility of wonderful things, that draw people to stars and space. We don’t know everything that exists in space, so surely there must be amazing things to discover!

There are also so many possibilities that exist here on Earth. I recently came across this quote from Pinterest, which I love:

wonderful quote

Life is so much more fun, for lack of a better word, when we live each moment believing that something wonderful is about to happen, just as we believe that there are amazing things we don’t know about out in space.

We have one Earth, and that is the only planet most of us have ever known. But in outer space, there are the other planets in our galaxy, and then tons of other galaxies. The vast amount of unknowns draw us to outer space; but if more of us realized that the same amount of unknowns exist on our planet, maybe we’d be a little more down to Earth (pun intended).

The definition of a star states that it is “a massive, luminous sphere of plasma, held together by its own gravity.” We humans are also held together by our own gravity, by our morals and values and views.

If we choose to believe that something wonderful could happen at any moment, and surround ourselves with a positive energy, it is my belief that we will shine a little brighter. And if everyone shone brighter, imagine the constellations we could make.