Outside, snow pummeled towards the ground. Inside I was curled up on my chair with my cat, looking at Environment Canada’s public weather alerts. I scrolled to find my region, and sure enough there it was: snow throughout the night, expected bad commute in the morning, non-essential travel advised to be postponed. I asked my dad if school counted as “non-essential travel”. He told me it didn’t.

Last night, I was torn. Did I want it to be a snow day today, or not? On one hand – of course I wanted it to be a snow day! It would give me another day to stay home and relax before school started up again after exams. But it was just that – the fact that I had been off school for over a week because of exams – that made me question myself. It would be nice to see my friends and see who is in my new classes, I thought.

I came to a conclusion: I wanted it to be whatever it was. As I mulled those words over in my mind, I realized the absolute truth and beauty in them. How lovely it is, I thought, to be so content as to want whatever happens – to be happy, no matter what.

...and it ended up looking a lot like this picture.
…and it ended up looking a lot like this picture.

My resolve in this was challenged, though: my dad woke me up this morning with the words “it’s not a snow day.” I had kind of figured as much, because I hadn’t been woken up by the phone call that the school board usually does on snow days. So I got up and started getting ready for school; I fed my turtle, washed my face, and stared in the mirror with barely open eyes and tried to figure out what I was going to do with my hair.

Ten minutes after my dad had woken me up, I heard a knock on my door. It was so slight that I almost didn’t stand up to open it. I was glad I did, though – standing on the other side was my dad, who told me through whispers that it was actually a snow day and school was cancelled. He hadn’t meant to fool me; he had assumed school was still on until he checked the board website.

Though I truly would have been fine either way, I’m 100% sure my face mimicked this dog’s this morning when my dad woke me up.
Though I truly would have been fine either way, I’m 100% sure my face mimicked this dog’s this morning when my dad woke me up.

I suppose it is retaliation for me telling him that the Seahawks won last night. It was a completely honest mistake, really. They were trending on Twitter, so I just assumed they had to have won. Oops…

After I found out that it was in fact a snow day (and after I checked out my window, and on Twitter, to confirm the fact) I went back to bed and slept for nearly four more hours before I decided to get up and do something productive (like play Trivia Crack).

In my mind there was merit in both of the things that could have happened today – school being open, and school being cancelled – and so I was happy either way (or should I say both ways, since that’s more like what actually happened for me). “I want whatever happens” was my mantra towards the whole thing, and it is a mantra that I would like to incorporate more into my life.

Obviously I have opinions and preferences on the way things go, but in the end life is completely unexpected and you can never truly know what is going to happen. By deciding to be happy either way, you not only spare yourself disappointment but also set yourself up for maximum happiness!