When I was younger, my dad had a day-by-day calendar that he kept on his desk. Some days featured pictures, other days featured quotes. My sister and I had a perfect monopoly on this: she got the picture days, I got the quote days. I like to think that this is where my quote obsession began! I still remember a lot of the quotes from the calendar. There is one saying that I think of often: “The sea calls to the human spirit in a voice that is almost impossible to refuse.”

I have always loved the ocean, and this quote perfectly sums up how I feel about it.  It also sums up how I feel about writing and blogging – that they call to me. This is part of the reason why I am embarking on the journey of Blogging 101 this month. My first assignment is to detail why I blog. I’m fairly certain I’ve written about this before – but I will say it again, because the words are calling to me and I cannot refuse them.


I started blogging as a passion project for English class. As my teacher explained the project, my mind instantly jumped to writing a blog – even though I literally had no idea what a blog was. Prior to this, I had written articles for my local newspaper. The column I wrote for had just ended and blogging was a way to continue writing for an audience. I started sherinaspeaks as a way to see what blogging was all about. My footprints were in the sand. I wanted to test the waters.

I continued blogging throughout the semester, still as part of the project for English class. I loved blogging, so even after the semester ended I continued publishing blog posts. I knew I could take my blog further – explore more subjects, connect with more people, achieve new things. Although the project had technically ended, my blog was really only beginning. I wanted to keep splashing.

I will continue blogging in the future because I love it. I love writing blog posts, I love reading blog posts, I love connecting with other bloggers, I love creating a community around my blog. I have had a taste of what blogging can accomplish and I want more. I want to make waves.


Why do you blog?