Day four of Blogging101 was to write a post to your ideal audience. When I read the assignment a lightning bolt of deja vu hit me; it turns out that this is the same assignment that inspired my post ‘Toothpaste, limits, and dreams’. As I considered my ideal audience then, I was struck by memories of asking my mom about her target audience for her art – and so the post ensued. This time I decided to stay on track with the assignment – and leave toothpaste out of it – so here it goes!

After a great deal of thought I have divided my ideal audience into two categories. My first category is people who are happy. I want to write to people who wake up with a smile on their face, even if the sun isn’t up yet or isn’t shining; people who hand out smiles to strangers like candy to kids on Halloween. I want to write to people who see the glass half full, and who encourage others to do the same. I want to write to people who take stock of the amazing things in their lives and who pursue their passions. I want to write to people who are happy.

Okay, before you tell me that this target audience doesn’t exist in large numbers…

My second category is people who want to be happy. I know that most people don’t wake up with a smile on their face – I certainly don’t. I also know that it is hard to hand out smiles to strangers if you don’t have any of your own.

It’s also hard to see the glass half full sometimes, and again it’s hard to encourage others to see it as half full if it looks empty to you. Taking stock of things you are grateful for is challenging when you feel as though you’re not grateful at all – and pursuing your passions is difficult when you’re unhappy.

While it can be difficult to do those things, it’s not difficult to want to do them.

happy quote

Being happy isn’t always just a switch you can flick; choosing to aspire to be happy is, though. So those are the two categories of people I want to write to – those who are happy, and those who want to have the journey of trying to be happy. I am happy that I get to share my own happiness journey on this blog!