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A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about tips and tricks that I wish I had known when I started blogging. I have received a lot of positive feedback about that post being helpful; and of course, there aren’t just four things that I wish I hadn’t known when I started blogging! I have decided to make this a somewhat regular blog feature. Here is my second installment!


  1. Do not give up. This is the most important piece of blogging-related advice I can give. Many of my friends have started their own blogs, and some get discouraged when they post something and don’t receive any likes or comments. First of all, blogging isn’t about the numbers. It’s tempting to base the worth of your blog on the number of views or followers you have, but bear in mind that you are blogging because you have something to say – whether it is listened to, or not.

This discouragement can cause people to give up on their blogs, leading me to the point of this piece of advice. When I first started this blog, I think the only people who read it were my parents, sister, and my English teacher. However, I didn’t stop posting new things; and eventually it was worth it. My blog is what it is today because I stuck it out through days of no views and wondering how to get followers.

  1. Don’t be a one-sided blogger. If people comment on your posts, don’t leave their words hanging in the air – reply to them! If someone follows you, take a moment to check out their blog. I’m not saying you have to follow back every single person who follows you, but don’t ignore everyone either.

Every person who likes your posts or comments on them is an opportunity for you to engage with another blogger and for you to learn new things from their blog. A huge part of growing your blog consists of creating a community around it – and that can’t happen if you ignore every opportunity that comes your way.

  1. Include images in your posts. I’m still figuring this one out, but I do have a few good tips for images. Personally I strive to use royalty free photos. There are some great websites that have beautiful photos that look nothing like typical stock images – and best of all, they are free and can be used for anything, no complications with anything legal!

My favourite website for this is Unsplash, and I also use Gratisography. There is also an option in Google Advanced Image Search to set a filter for royalty free and find pictures that way. After I find a picture I like, I edit it either using Fotor or PicMonkey. Usually this just means adding text – a quote from my post, most of the time – and my blog URL at the bottom. Sometimes if I’m feeling fancy I add a filter.

4. Social media is your friend. I have my blog connected to a Twitter account (@sherinaspeaks) and Google+ as well. Besides joining a few blogging communities I haven’t really used Google+ that much, but Twitter has been a goldmine. On Sundays I tweet with #SundayBlogShare (a great initiative started by the lovely Suzie of suzie81speaks), and on Mondays I use #MondayBlogs. I have also discovered that there are accounts you can Tweet at who will automatically retweet you, one of them being @TheBlogGuideRT.


When I started my blog, I was scared of connecting it to social media; however now I can confidently say that it has been instrumental in building up my blog community both in directing traffic to my blog and also finding new blogs to follow. I have also joined Bloglovin’, and I’ll admit that I have no clue how to use it… but I think it will be beneficial, once I figure it out. In the meantime, follow me there!

What do you wish you had known when you started blogging?