Hey everyone! This is a post in response to the Daydreamer Challenge by the lovely Caitlin, a teen blogger (like myself!) who is doing great things in the blogging world! Today’s prompts were either nature, the beach, or blue. All of these prompts spoke to me in some way – I adore the beach (one entire wall of my room is a mural of the beach), for most of my life blue was my favourite colour, and I have so much to say about nature. I decided to go with the nature prompt and write about a topic that has been brewing in my mind for a while: thunderstorms.


I have loved thunderstorms ever since I was little, when my dad explained them to me as the sky’s way of making music. Little Sherina could appreciate this, since I loved playing the piano and listening to music. When it thundered, I imagined giant drums being pounded on and clashing symbols. When the lightning came, I was captivated by the bright lights and jagged lines.

One night as I was lying in bed listening to a storm, I came up with my own rationale for thunderstorms. I imagined the sky having a big meeting: the thunder was the clouds getting mad at each other for stealing their chair. I don’t quite remember what the lightning was; maybe the flash of inspiration as the clouds brainstormed at their meeting?

As I grew older, I came to love not just the actual thunderstorms but also the process leading up to them. I love seeing grey clouds start to gather in the sky, and I love checking Environment Canada for weather alerts.

A few summers ago at my cottage, when I checked Environment Canada it echoed the same warning as the radio: that there was a tornado approaching. My family and I could see the clouds funneling over the lake and hear the vicious winds. The warnings eventually got so bad that we lured our cat into her carrier, grabbed our coats and important belongings and huddled in the laundry room.

Eventually the winds died down, and we emerged, unscathed. My sister was scared, and to her credit I probably should have been more scared than I was. My thoughts were something like, “wow, I can’t wait to tell people that I survived a tornado – this is a great story!”

Thinking about it now, the reason that I love thunderstorms must be that there are so many stories involved. As a writer, I love anything with a story. Nature has so many stories to share with us, if only we take the time to listen to them!

What’s your experience with thunderstorms?