My favourite thing about writing is that when I write, I can both lose myself and find myself. I can forget things as I am lost in the rhythm of tapping keys, and realize new things about myself as I read over what I have written or come to new conclusions as I write.

Ernest Hemingway said one of my favourite quotes about writing: “All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know.” Sometimes I write to obscure a truth, but more often than not I write to reveal it. I’ve written a lot of sentences in my life, and I don’t think I’ve written “the truest one that I know” yet. One day, I will.

Reality has a way of disguising itself into fiction, and vice versa. I love writing fiction because as hard as I try to create something different than real life, reality always finds a way to sneak back in.

As I am writing this, I am noticing some contradictions. I write to lose myself, but also to find myself. Sometimes I write to obscure the truth, other times I write to find it. Reality can sometimes mirror fiction, but fiction can also mirror reality. I think there are always two contradictions at play; it just depends what perspective you have, and what you see.

Keep writing, and eventually it will get to where you want it. That’s the best advice I could give anyone looking to do anything in the field of writing. Keep writing for your blog, and eventually people will start reading it. Keep writing your book, and eventually you will finish it. Keep trying to write that one true sentence, and eventually you will.

I didn’t mention at the beginning of this post, but this is my second installment in the Daydreamer Challenge. Today’s prompt was to choose a word that describes you. My word is in the bolded letters of this post: meraki. Meraki is a verb which means “to do something with your soul, creativity, or love; when you leave a piece of yourself in your work.”

Shout out to Buzzfeed for teaching me this word!
Shout out to Buzzfeed for teaching me this amazing word!

It is always my goal to leave a piece of myself in my written work, and I would like to leave a mark on this world in this way as well. Because of these two things, I chose ‘meraki’ as my word to describe myself. What would you choose?