American Idol: A former fan’s farewell

You have to be a certain level of obsessed to take notes while you watch TV. Where American Idol was concerned, I used to be at that level.

I was eleven, and loved coloured pens
I was eleven, and loved coloured pens

My favourite season was season 8. My younger sister and I were obsessed with Adam Lambert. When he got to the finale against Kris Allen, I was so sure he would win that in my notes I wrote

‘Adam _ _ _ ‘ (thinking I would write ‘won’ in the blank spaces) and ‘Kris _ _ _ _’ (thinking I would write lost). It was a sad moment when I had to make an extra space for Adam to write that he lost.

“Hm. Wonder whose gonna win”
“Hm. Wonder whose gonna win”

I don’t sing, but there was simply something about American Idol that captivated me. It was the singers who gave me chills. It was the horrifically bad performances that made me laugh so hard I cried. It was Paula Abdul drawing on Simon Cowell’s face with crayons. It was Ryan Seacrest asking for the lights to be dimmed. But above all, I was captivated by seeing people achieve their dreams.

Idol has had a diverse range of contestants, but they all had one thing in common: they all had a dream, and by appearing on the show they were all one step closer to making it come true. As a young child with big dreams, I was enthralled that people were practically living their dreams simply by auditioning for a televised talent competition.

I grew out of watching American Idol a few years ago when Simon left and suddenly everything became much kinder, but strangely different nonetheless. I’m glad I stopped, because if I still watched it religiously I would have been an emotional wreck when they announced that the next season will be their last.

I miss this judging panel! Source
I miss this judging panel! Source

Idol has had quite the run; 15 seasons is no small feat. Previous contestants have become superstars; Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, and Jennifer Hudson (to name a few). I don’t think recent years have been quite as successful, although I’ve been hearing the winner’s new single on Songza and I like it.

I plan to watch the next (and last) season of American Idol, because I am curious (and also because on Twitter Ryan Seacrest deemed it “unforgettable”). I will watch it to remember the joy of seeing the judges bicker; I will watch it to remember the feeling of seeing people taking steps to achieving their dreams. And finally, I will watch the new season of American Idol to remember why I now prefer America’s Got Talent.

PS – calling all teen bloggers! I am working with Caitlin from A Little Daydreamer to create a teen blogging activity called #teentelltheirstory. It will be an online community for young people to share their thoughts on topics that affect them; stay tuned for more info!

9 thoughts on “American Idol: A former fan’s farewell

  1. I loved American Idol for a long time and never missed an episode, but after the umpteenth season, it lots its magic for me. I’d already quit watching when Simon and Paula left, giving me the sense that I’d been right to jettison it from my DVR. I’ll forever have fond memories of Kelly Clarkson, Clay Aiken, Bo Bice, Carrie Underwood, Chris Daughtry and many others, but I think it is definitely time for the curtain to come down on American Idol.

  2. I’ve never taken notes, but if I’m honest I stopped watching after Adam Lost, I didn’t agree with that at all. And I was upset when Simon left, I know he was horrible but he had his moments of greatness!

  3. Hi. I’m watching Britain’s got talent at the moment. Some really good acts this series. Just a shame when so many hopefuls have to fall by the wayside. Good entertainment
    All the best. Kris.

    1. That’s true – many talented people audition so it’s too bad only one can “win” (although the exposure helps people who don’t even win in the end!) Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts 🙂

  4. I was extremely invested–well, not to the extent of taking notes– in Season 8 as well! Personally, I thought Adam Lambert was a shoo-in and was crestfallen when he lost. Haven’t really watched the show since that rather traumatic experience.

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