I am obsessed with quotes. From my quotes board on Pinterest to my notebooks full of handwritten quotes from my favourite books, I am always on the hunt for new words of inspiration. I think my love for quotes comes primarily from the fact that I am a writer, and enjoy seeing words strung together in quote form. I also love the fact that a few simple words can inspire people to take action.


Here are a few inspiring quotes that I’ve found lately:

“No one is you, and that is your power” – Annoymous

“Worry more about doing something than being something” – President Obama on Twitter, in response to a question about his advice for aspiring politicans

“Never suppress a generous thought” – Camilla E Kimball

I love these quotes because in less than 10 words, they made me incredibly inspired. The first quote inspires me to be myself, because that is something only I can do and it is what makes me special. Obama’s quote inspires me to focus on making a positive difference through my actions; and the last quote inspires me to be kind to others.

This week, your Teens Tell Their Story prompt is to write about what – or who – inspires you. I really like this topic, because it is so open ended and everyone’s posts will be completely different. As always, you have the freedom to choose how you want to structure your post (be it in a rant, a poem, an opinion piece, a personal essay, or even in photos).

I chose to write about quotes, because they are one thing that inspires me. Some of my other sources of inspiration include my family and friends, sunsets and nature, and inspiring people like Malala Yousafzai. What – or who – inspires you?