Fun fact: I wrote my idea for this week’s Teens Tell Their Story prompt on an envelope, which my cat fell asleep on literally seconds before I started writing this post. I typed the introduction of the post, and then my cat woke up and I got the envelope and read my ideas. Cats have an uncanny ability to fall asleep on whatever you need most. Anyways…

Can you believe it’s already week six of the project? The posts so far have been AMAZING, and I’m so proud of everyone who has participated. We also have some exciting news to announce (Caitlin’s already hinted at it on her blog) so stay tuned! Last week, your prompt was to interview another teen blogger; if you haven’t written your post yet, you could use this week’s prompt as a topic for your interview.

This week our topic is school. I feel bad even mentioning the word, when most of us are on summer vacation and would rather think of anything but going back to school. As teenagers, school is a pretty important part of our lives, though – and there are so many things you can choose to write about!

You could focus on what you dislike about school, or what you enjoy about it; you could also write about a favourite teacher, subject, club or team. You could also write about a personal experience you had at school that taught you a lesson, or if you’re really stuck you could write about the importance of education. You could also offer some back to school advice!

Sometimes school can feel like a balancing act: you have your homework and studying, and then you have everything else you do in your life (maybe a part-time job, sports or school clubs, and of course passions such as blogging!). For my example post, I thought I’d give a few tips I’ve learned over the years that have helped me balance my schedule.

Firstly, don’t be afraid to say no to things. This took me a lot of time to learn, because it’s hard to say no to new opportunities. It is, however, worthwhile: declining to take on new responsibilities allows you to put all of your energy into the things you’re already working on.

Similarly, embrace blank space (the song by Taylor Swift, but also blank space in your planner). I use my planner religiously, and typically it is completely filled up with reminders and never-ending to-do lists. That being said, I have learned to embrace the days where I don’t have anything planned. You don’t always need to be doing something – when you’re lucky enough to have completed everything on your to-do list, take advantage of your extra time and relax.

Speaking of planners… if you don’t already use a planner, consider using one! There are so many options – from paper planners to apps, to simply using the calendar app on your phone. Even if you hate organization, there are so many possibilities that you will surely find a solution that works for you. As I mentioned above, during the school year I rely on my planner to see what I need to do. It’s been a huge help in ensuring I don’t miss any important deadlines and stay on top of my work!


That’s all from me. I can’t wait to read your posts! Remember to tag them with #teenstelltheirstory or #ttts (you can also link to this post, or comment the link to your post below) so I don’t miss any posts. Happy writing!