I feel like a lot has happened since the last Teens Tell Their Story prompt was published (letters to past or future selves on Caitlin’s blog – check it out!). For me, school started, the weather started getting colder, and I redesigned my blog. At the same time, a lot has stayed the same: mostly, my excitement for this project and my amazement at the posts that you guys have written!


As Caitlin mentioned last week, we have some exciting things planned! Next week, some of your posts will be featured in a video on Caitlin’s YouTube channel; so watch her blog for news about that. There is also a possibility that we will have other prizes or competitions associated with the project in the future. For now, your prizes are your amazing posts that you’ve written!

So far, we’ve written about all sorts of things: the benefits and struggles of being a teen, YouTube, inspiration, and school. This week, our topic is world news. Because this topic is so open, I thought I would break down some of your options for how to write about it!

Essentially, you need to pick your topic and your style of writing. It doesn’t matter which you pick first, but for the sake of example let’s say you decide to look for a topic first. I would suggest looking at a newspaper, magazine, or news website (I frequent The Huffington Post and Buzzfeed – you could also look at CNN, The Globe and Mail, or even Twitter or other social media).

You can focus on a specific event, such as the Syrian refugee crisis, or you can look at the big picture behind an event, like immigration in general.

Other than choosing a topic, the other thing you have to figure out is how you want to write your post. You could write an informative article, summarizing an event or topic from various news sources; or you could write an opinion article about your thoughts on your event or topic. You could also write about your proposed solution to a problem, about why a certain issue or topic is important, or your personal experiences related to an event or issue.

As you all probably know, some people believe stereotypes about teenagers such as that we don’t care about what’s happening in the world, and that we’re uninformed, and unintelligent. Throughout the course of this project, you have all proven that these stereotypes are untrue; and I’m so proud of that! I know that this topic might seem difficult, but I know you’ll do an amazing job.

I can’t wait to read your posts! I will be writing one as well this week, so keep an eye out for that! Make sure you tag your posts with ‘TTTS’ or ‘teenstelltheirstory’ so Caitlin and I can find them; or, link to this post or comment the link to your post. If you’re stuck for ideas, feel free to comment below and together we can figure out a current news-related topic that you can write about!

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