It is fire on the leaves of trees: passionate reds, shining yellows, and burnt browns. It is the air’s cool breath, rustling piles of leaves, and spreading the scent of a fresh start. It is warm drinks in cold hands, and animals preparing for hibernation. “It”is autumn. And “it” is here.

If you asked me what my favourite season is, I would not answer “autumn”. I love summer, with it’s sunny days (and thunderstorms), time for relaxation, and of course, ice-cream (which I do eat when there’s snow on the ground, but still). My next favourite season is spring; I love seeing the flowers and trees bloom, and the weather start to get warmer.

Aside from spring and summer, I don’t usually have many positive things to say about fall and winter. Autumn is a solemn farewell to summer, and a warning of the cold to come; winter is beautiful in some ways, but dreadful in others. I get cold easily, so I’m not jumping up and down about the fact that fall has begun and winter is the next season.

At the same time, though, there is an undeniable beauty in autumn. The aesthetic of the colourful leaves is one aspect of it; the other reason is that while autumn is a season of endings (for the leaves on trees, at least), it is also a season of beginnings. School starts in the fall, so it is synonymous with new beginnings in that way.

Although it’s technically autumn, where I live it has still been fairly hot out recently so it doesn’t really feel like fall. However, at some point it will – and I know that when it does, I will be flooded with memories that will make me smile. For the past couple of autumns, I had started at new schools. Fall makes me remember all of the amazing things that happened in my new beginnings.

In my first year of high school, right in the middle of autumn, Taylor Swift released her album Red. She released 1989 last fall, but Red has always brought back memories of new beginnings for me. In one of my favourite songs from the album, Holy Ground, she sings “I was reminiscing just the other day// While having coffee all alone and Lord, it took me away.”

Whether you enjoy autumn or not, when the leaves on trees start to turn the colours of fire allow yourself to take a moment to reminisce and reflect on the new beginnings you’ve had in your life, and the ones you hope to have. With any luck, you’ll be like Taylor Swift and have your reflections take you away (hopefully to a warm place).