I can’t pinpoint the exact reason for this, but there is something about this time of year that makes me feel nostalgic. All I know is that when the snow starts to fall, and strings of lights start appearing on rooftops, I begin to reflect on the year that is coming to an end. I wrote a post about this last year too, writing that although I was happy in the present I couldn’t stop reliving the amazing memories I had made throughout the year (you can read that post here if you’re interested!).

I feel the same way this year in that I had a lot of happy moments during the year that I want to remember. At the same time, though, I’m incredibly excited for the upcoming year. I will be graduating high school and going on to University, which is kind of frightening but mostly exciting.

Last year, I came up with some general New Year’s resolutions for 2015. I reflected back on them in a post one month after, and then, in all honesty, I kind of forgot about them. Even though my resolutions were not on the forefront of my mind, I ended up fulfilling some of them anyways! I thought it would be interesting to look back on them almost twelve months later and see how I did.

My first resolution was to challenge myself in my writing, and I definitely achieved this. I began another blog which I write with my cousin, I started writing for The Huffington Post, and I continued writing for this blog. I also entered several writing contests which challenged me to write in different styles.

My next resolution was to volunteer more. At the beginning of the year, I didn’t have any weekly volunteer shifts; by January I had one, and now I volunteer twice a week, so I’d say I fulfilled this resolution!

Improving at social media was my third resolution. Throughout the year I became more familiar with various types of social media, so in that way I achieved this resolution. I’m still working on this one, though – it’s difficult to maintain “professional” accounts! If I make resolutions for 2016, this will probably be one of them. Speaking of social media, feel free to follow my Twitter for updates about my writing: @sherinaharris

My fourth resolution was to read more. I did make a Goodreads account this year (also in line with my previous resolution to make better use of social media), so that has helped me to keep track of what books I want to read. I’d still like to make more time to read, because there are tons of amazing books out there. Hopefully I can read more now that I’m on Holiday break!

For my fifth resolution,  I wanted to keep my desk more organized. In January, I cleaned most of the junk off of my desk and for the most part it has stayed this way. I still have copious amounts of sticky notes, but I’ve come to accept that their presence on my desk is necessary to staying organized.

My last resolution was to live life, laugh, and have fun. This was my most important resolution, and I’m happy to say that I achieved it. I kept a memory jar this year, and even though I often forgot to catalog my memories the jar is still bursting with slips of paper containing happy memories. I guess that brings me back to where I started this post… with memories.

In the post I wrote last December about nostalgia I said, “I’ve learned that time is a funny thing. When we want it to speed up, it slows down. But when we want it to slow down, it seems to speed up.”

Looking back on all of my resolutions, and all of the memories I’ve made this year, I’m reminded of a fact that I hadn’t quite grasped at this time last year. Sometimes, time can be both fast and slow. Some moments felt slow, like they’d last forever, and some slipped by before I could blink. But most felt just right – and that’s something worth being nostalgic over.