Over the past week or so, people have been posting collages of their 9 most “liked” Instagram photos from 2015. I thought it would be fun to do the same thing but with my 9 most liked blog posts! I find that my posts that get the most likes are the ones I spend more time promoting, which means that many of my most liked posts were published in the summer (when I had time off from school and could spend more time promoting my posts). Because of this, I’ve edited the list a bit to include posts from other times of the year that still received an “above-average” amount of likes for me.

Four Things I Wish I Had Known When I Started Blogging I wrote this post early last year, just a few months after celebrating my 1 year Blogiversary; I guess I thought by that point, I was qualified to give blogging advice. As I mention in the post, I really didn’t know what I was doing when I began blogging. I had the idea to start a blog without even knowing what a blog was. Having a post like this one would have been helpful for me when I started blogging, so I wrote it so it could help other bloggers.

The Problem With It Was Never A Dress Here’s a sentence I never thought I’d type: I had the idea for this post while eating dinner at Dairy Queen, staring past my dad’s head at the signs on the bathroom doors. As strange as it sounds, it’s true. I’m still quite proud of the critical thinking behind this post… maybe it was fueled by my chocolate milkshake.

What Connecting with Arianna Huffington Taught Me About Success When I think about my accomplishments in 2015, becoming a Huffington Post Teen blogger ranks high on the list; not just because of the accomplishment itself, but because of the way in which it happened (which you can probably infer a bit about from the title of the post).

How I Won a Chicken, And Other Stories Winning a chicken is not an accomplishment that I often think about, but it is an important one nonetheless. I still recall how joyful I felt, how gleeful my laughter was, and how good the chicken smelled (not to mention tasted). In this post, I made a “linguistic interpretation” of Newton’s Three Laws of Motion, as they applied to me winning my chicken. Confused? Check out the post… it should clear some things up.

What Blogging Has Taught Me This post is similar to other posts about blogging advice, except that instead of applying lessons about blogging to blogging itself, I applied them to real life. I wrote this post when I got my 500th follower, so it’s both a milestone and a collection of advice.

Dear Bloglovin’, Love Sherina I wrote this post after feeling not-too-pleased with an email from Bloglovin’, and modelled it after an open letter from none other than Taylor Swift. Although my post didn’t affect any serious change like T-Swift’s did, simply writing it made me feel better.

The Scribbles In Between Most of my first blog posts were inspirational, either about life, the power of positivity, or the writing process. As I began to blog more I kept my roots in positivity but strayed more into posts about current world news. In this post, I revisited my earlier style of writing and examined the creative process and success through writing about my own experiences with writing.

My Two Year Blogiversary As the title would suggest, I wrote this post on my two year blogiversary. I initially began sherinaspeaks as a project for English class, and I decided to continue blogging after the semester ended (a decision which I’m very glad I made!) In that post, I did something similar to what I’m doing in this post; revisit old blogs I’ve written. So if you’re looking to read not just my most “liked” posts, but also some that are my personal favourites, check this post out!

Today I Woke Up This post technically didn’t make the cut for “most liked” posts, but it’s a post that I’m really proud of (so, since I’m more of an English student than a math student, I thought I’d count it anyways). I wrote this post after being appalled and jarred after reading about two mass shootings on the same day. The post was also published in The Huffington Post, so you can check out that version too if you’d like!

I know that “likes” aren’t everything, and that comments are probably a better judge of how well a post was received (because it’s direct engagement with readers), but I still think it’s interesting to see which posts received the most likes! Looking back at all of these posts, I’m reminded of the amazing, hilarious, and memorable 2015 that I had. Here’s to hoping next year at this time I’ll be writing a similar post but with blog posts from 2016. Happy New Year!