This my second post for the lovely, talented Itunu on Voice of the Maverick. I wrote about the importance of being positive and the impact it can have on your life. Check it out!


Sherina was my first ever guest blogger and she is a beautiful writer. Her blog Sherina Speaks  is my go to space for all things inspirational and positive. Sherina is also such a conscious writer, writing about the news, climate change and the importance of loving the world we live in ,as well as the people in it. Her sunny outlook on life is something I definitely want to adopt. 

As part of my ‘Changing the WORLD’ project (which you can check out here) Sherina shared a value that she believes will help our generation. 

“What life lesson, quote, or value is so important to you that you would love to share to help our generation?”

Sometimes I imagine that when I write, I am standing on a podium with a microphone speaking not just to an auditorium but to the entire world. Really, my writing has the power to…

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