Last January, my cousin texted me with an idea to start a shared blog. I already had this blog, sherinaspeaks, but I didn’t think twice about starting a new one. I don’t regret my decision – I love both of my blogs. However, at times it can be difficult to manage two individual blogs. I’ve decided to gather some of my advice, as much for anyone who also has two blogs as to remind myself.

Every blog is a brand. As WordPress puts it, if you use your blog to create an online presence you are a brand. Having two blogs means you have two brands – which can get confusing unless your brands are clearly defined. On this blog, my brand is about positivity, critical thoughts about world news, and unique perspectives on issues. That brand extends to my other blog, but on thefabletters I find my brand is more about injustices in society – and since I share that blog with my cousin, the brand isn’t just defined by my writing and personality but from a combination of both of our perspectives.

Along with having separate brands, it helps to create separate goals for each of your blogs. I write for this blog more than I write for my other one, so it makes sense that this one has more readers, followers, and interaction. Because of that, my goals for followers are higher for this blog than for my other one. Being realistic will help you set your goals; don’t aim to have both of your blogs reach an astronomical amount of followers, especially if you can’t devote the same amount of time to both blogs.

Also along with having separate brands, devise distinct topics or styles of writing for each of your blogs. I don’t write about radically different topics on my two blogs – in fact, often I’ll have an idea and wonder which blog I should write about it for. However, what is different between my two blogs is my style of writing. On this blog I write in the form of opinion pieces or personal essays, but on thefabletters I write – as you can probably infer from the blog’s name – in the form of letters. My cousin and I each write a letter about a certain topic and publish our two letters as a post. So not only do I write in the form of a letter, but each post contains the perspectives of two unique individuals.

If I think my cousin would be interested in a certain topic, or would have a differing or interesting opinion on the topic, I’ll write about it for thefabletters. There’s also the fact that my cousin and I both have busy schedules, so it takes more time for us to publish posts on thefabletters than it does for me to respond to an event or thought I’ve had and write a post about it on my own. This also influences which blog I post something on, because if the topic is time sensitive it is often easier for me to publish the post on sherinaspeaks.

My final piece of advice is to not get too stressed out about having multiple blogs. It’s far too easy to put pressure on yourself and try to make both of your blogs perfect – but it takes a long time for one blog to grow, let alone two. Be patient with yourself, and enjoy the process. Happy blogging!