As I’ve written many times before, when I first had the idea to start a blog I had no clue what a blog even was. Now, three years later, I not only love blogging but I love helping other people learn about it, too. Since starting this blog, I have started a blog for my high school, created one for the organization I did a co-op placement at, and have encouraged numerous friends to create blogs of their own.

If it’s not already clear, I think blogs are awesome; and if you don’t think so, then allow me to try to change your mind. Here are some of the reasons why I love having a blog, and why I would encourage others to give blogging a try!

1. Blogging helps you figure out your opinion

Sometimes when I sit down to write an opinion-based blog post, I don’t really know what my opinion is. Of course I have a general idea, and some sort of opinion that has motivated me to write the post; but I often flesh out the specifics of my argument while I am in the writing process. This gives me a greater awareness of world events. It also forces me to consider the other side of the topic I am writing about, so that I can mention counter-arguments in my post.

2. Your words get an audience

I use the term ‘audience’ lightly, because it can mean whatever you want it to mean. Having other people read your writing can seem like a big step to take (side note: if you need some inspiration to leave your comfort zone, check out this post). You can make your blog private if you really feel it’s best for you. However, I would encourage you to open your blog up to the world. Interacting with other bloggers and reading comments on my posts has been one of the best and most rewarding parts of my experience as a blogger.

3. You have an opportunity to say something

In journalism school, something I have to do quite often is interview strangers on the street. I am often surprised by the answers I get to my questions. Everyone has something to say about some topic, and blogging gives you the perfect outlet to share what you have to say. Social media does this, too, but there’s definitely a difference between voicing your thoughts in a 140 character tweet and in a 500 (or however long you choose it to be) blog post. I love Twitter, don’t get me wrong; but when it comes to sharing my opinion, I prefer blogging.

4. Blogging isn’t just about writing

To me, blogging is actually all about writing; I started this blog so that I could get more experience writing, and develop my writing skills. But so many other types of blogs exist. You could create a photography blog, or one centered around videos (perhaps a YouTube channel would be better suited there). Even if you do decide to write your posts, you have so many options. You could write short blurbs; you could write essays. You could write articles in list-form (like this one!); or you could write in prose, or verse, or in a completely made up language (craft it the right way, with lots of humour, and I’d say you have the potential to go viral with that one). Whatever style of storytelling or communicating you enjoy, there’s a way you could create a blog centered around it.

5. You can write about anything and everything

If you’ve spent any amount of time looking through sites on the blogosphere, you could attest to the fact that the subjects of blogs are incredibly diverse. Some bloggers review books, or beauty products, or everything in between; others use their blogs as outlets to share poetry and creative writing; and others use their blogs as online journals where they document their lives. Again, whatever you enjoy and are interested in, you can blog about it.

6. It can become a passion project for you

Sherinaspeaks actually started out as just that: a “passion project” assigned to me by my grade 10 English teacher. I had to pick something to work on over the course of the semester, and I chose blogging. Clearly, I have chosen to work on it long after the semester ended. In a way, though, this blog is still my passion project. It’s really fun to have a special project “on the side” of what I’m actually doing. I am a university student, working towards a degree in journalism; but I am also a blogger. When I want to take a little break from my work as a student, I can turn to my blog.

7. It will make you see the world differently

This is probably my favourite thing about having a blog: that I now look for, and find, inspiration everywhere. Whether I’m reading the newspaper or walking down the street, I am constantly paying attention to what I am reading, hearing, and seeing; because anything could turn into a blog post. I always have my blog in the back of my mind, and I love that I can look at the world and see ideas that inspire me to write.

What would you say to people who are thinking about creating a blog?