Opening A New Door

I had this really weird dream once where I was being chased through a long, narrow hallway filled with doors. The rooms in between each set of doors were small, and I had to decide whether it would be faster to open the door in front of me and keep running, or lock each door behind me as I went.

Of course, since I was being chased, it would make a lot more sense to lock each door behind me, so that whoever was chasing me couldn’t get through the doors. I don’t remember if this occurred to me in the dream. What I do remember is waking up and thinking to myself, “Wow. There were a lot of doors in that dream.”

This anecdote may seem random, but I promise you that it’s not. I wanted to write about doors today; not literal doors, like the ones I ran through in my dream, but the figurative doors that symbolize the opportunities that exist in our lives.

Imagine, if you will, that life is like my dream: a long hallway filled with doors. However, unlike my dream, the hallway of real life is not a straight line. It’s filled with twists and turns, and often there isn’t just one door in front of us, but multiple doors. Some may look identical; others may be painted different colours, or attract us in some other way.

These doors represent the opportunities in our lives. Sometimes we have to make a decision and pick one of the doors to walk through. But other times, we have a different decision to make. We can choose to stay where we are, or we can choose to open a new door and explore a new opportunity.

As I’ve written before on this blog, I think it’s vital to seek out opportunities that scare us a bit, because those are the opportunities that allow us to grow. Be like the traveller in Robert Frost’s poem: take the road less travelled (or, perhaps, the door less opened). It may, as Frost wrote, make all the difference.

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21 thoughts on “Opening A New Door

  1. I love this, Sherina! The older I get, the more I realize just how many doors I have to forego in order to choose the doors that I do open. In a way, it is difficult knowing how many opportunities we have to forego, but in another sense, it is empowering to have so many choices.

  2. One thing that comes to my mind when I think of the imagery within your dream is the option to either respond out of fear (by locking the doors) or take the opportunity to move ahead (by continuing to run). Idk just my thought. I feel like I’m always faced with choices and they either center on fear or forward progress.

    Nice read!

  3. That’s an interesting dream you had. I like trying to make sense of dreams, though most of the time they just don’t make sense at all. 😛 I agree that scary opportunities are the ones that help us grow. This is a neat way of thinking about it!

  4. I hope that you managed to escape successfully in the dream. Thanks for the share here, I like the way you gave us a little something entertaining to open up, JT was a good hook.

    I like the message you shared here, gets quite key. I hope you’re having fun opening the doors that seem a little scary to open.

  5. Loved every word of this piece.Thank you for writing in a way that makes it so inspiring and thought-provoking.I am going to remember and more importantly implement this outlook the best way I can.

  6. The road less traveled is the very first poem I studied in high school and really understood. The road less traveled is the one of reasons why I am on my Canadian working holiday program. lastly to note the road less traveled is a book I am currently reading by Scott Peck a psychiatrist.

    that is a lot of roads haha

    thank you

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