A Glimpse of Spring

Today was one of those too-beautiful-for-words kind of days. It was warm and sunny during the day, but by early afternoon dark clouds had set in. The clouds gave way to rain and a tiny thunderstorm (I say “tiny” as if I didn’t jump out of my skin when I was walking outside and was surprised by a clap of thunder). After the clouds parted, a double rainbow appeared. Now, as I write this, the sky is pink and yellow and orange; all of the colours, all at once.

It’s been a rainy April where I live, but I’m not complaining about it — the rain has made the grass green, and brought beautiful, blossoming flowers. I decided to photograph the flowers tonight, alongside the sky, and I immediately knew I wanted to include my photos in a blog post. If a picture says a thousand words, then this post is a spring novel.

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55 thoughts on “A Glimpse of Spring

  1. It must have been sheer delight to witness different and beautiful moods of the weather in a single day!The photos are indeed very bright, beautiful and have the touch of spring all over them.Your spring novel is excellent and worth reading, sorry gazing over and over again!

  2. Flowers, of course!! 🙂 Lovely pictures!! We’ve been pretty lucky as we’re having a very sunny and warm April, but it’s going to rain tomorrow.

  3. My favourite thing about spring is when the days become longer and I can be out until 9 and it won’t be that dark and I can walk along the beach with my friends 🙂

  4. Hey thats an awesome collection and as u mentioned that pictures speak and this collection is a spring novel i love this sentence. Amazing! I appreciate that. Well! I am not a philosopher but but i do got a message of love from this collection. Nature always do that.

  5. Such beautiful pictures. I really like the spring, of course I prefer summer, but the best thing about spring is watching all the flowered coming out to life. You captured those flowers beautifully.

  6. I saw this post on Community Pool- your photographs are stunning 😻 i think the uncaptioned pictures are perfect in a post like this one. In photos that might require more description for the reader’s understanding, id definitely add a caption.
    Keep doing your thing, your blog is awesome! 💚

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