An item on my to-do list says to write a blog post about the summer. So, naturally, I’ve opened a Google doc and titled it “fall.”

Although I’m not a fan of cold weather, I’ve always loved the beginning of fall. When the green leaves turn fiery shades and a chill descends over the previously warm air, I’m reminded of all of the other new beginnings that fall has symbolized in my life. Fall weather reminds me of the mixture of nerves and excitement that accompanied my first day of high school (and I attended two different high schools, so I kind of had this experience twice).

Currently, I’m in the midst of getting ready for my third year of university. This morning I bought new plants for my apartment—I haven’t had a great track record with keeping plants alive in the past, but third year’s the charm, right? I’ve also started reading through syllabi for my fall classes, making plans with friends for the first week and simply preparing myself for another year of university.

I feel like whenever I blog about my life, and particularly about school, I write about how quickly time passes. It’s cliché, but it’s true. It’s like I just moved home for the summer, and now I’m packing my belongings up again to go back to my apartment. And it’s not even the past four months that feel like they went by quickly. I still remember, so vividly, preparing for my very first year of university. It somehow feels both like it was yesterday and years ago.

Once this year gets underway, I’ll be more than halfway done my undergraduate degree. It’s crazy to think about; I’m going to be wearing a cap and gown holding my degree before I know it. In the blog post I’ll inevitably write when I graduate (the post that I may have already started planning for…) I’ll probably note that my four years of university felt like they flew by. I can’t wait to be in that moment, graduating and looking out to the future.

But for now I am here, with my plants and my packing and my excitement about fall. I guess that’s why, although I meant to write about summer, I’ve ended up talking about the future. I wrote about my summer last year, including lots of little details so I wouldn’t forget them. Although it was still the summer when I wrote that post, I remember already feeling nostalgic for the moments and memories that had passed.

This year I feel different, in a way I can’t quite put into words. I’m not as nostalgic, I suppose, because I’ve been acutely aware of how quickly time is passing. I know that I will have lots of happy memories in the months and years to come. As a sentimental person, I love looking back on old memories; but there’s something special about looking to the future instead of being fixated on the past. So this year, when the air gets cooler and fall gets closer, I won’t mourn the summer—I’ll probably already be dreaming about the first snowfall.


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