Spring Nostalgia

There is a certain nostalgia, I think, in the way the seasons turn. We revel in the autumn trees, red, orange and yellow like a campfire captured in leaves; then one day the leaves are brown and falling to the ground, leaving us with the memory of the fiery forests that stood what seems like only yesterday. We sometimes forget the true beauty of the season around us—fall leaves, freshly blanketed snow, flowers beginning to blossom or the feverish heat of the summer sun—until the weather shifts and we are left with memories.

This spring I was struck by the simple elegance of the flowers that sprouted around my house. My wonder is nicely summarized in this passage from The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood: “There is something subversive about this garden… a sense of buried things bursting upwards, wordlessly, into the light, as if to point, to say: Whatever is silenced will clamour to be heard, though silently.” I love those words because they paint flowers as more than delicate pink petals on green flesh. Flowers are a subtle sign of nature’s strength; that a seed can be buried and then grow bravely, deliberately, through the soil and towards the sky.

Back in April, I published a post of photos on a whim; I had just arrived home to find a colourful sky and flowers still with raindrops from a storm. I loved photographing the flowers so much that I continued throughout the spring. Now, although I am enjoying the warm summer weather I find myself missing the bright yellows and painted pinks. In case you, like me, are having a nostalgic moment for the beauty of spring, here are some of my favourite photos of flowers; bursting up, wordlessly, to show themselves to the world, if only until the seasons inevitably turn.

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A Glimpse of Spring

Today was one of those too-beautiful-for-words kind of days. It was warm and sunny during the day, but by early afternoon dark clouds had set in. The clouds gave way to rain and a tiny thunderstorm (I say “tiny” as if I didn’t jump out of my skin when I was walking outside and was surprised by a clap of thunder). After the clouds parted, a double rainbow appeared. Now, as I write this, the sky is pink and yellow and orange; all of the colours, all at once.

It’s been a rainy April where I live, but I’m not complaining about it — the rain has made the grass green, and brought beautiful, blossoming flowers. I decided to photograph the flowers tonight, alongside the sky, and I immediately knew I wanted to include my photos in a blog post. If a picture says a thousand words, then this post is a spring novel.

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Versatile Blogger Award!

A few years ago, my sister learned what the word ‘versatile’ meant. My aunt gave her a challenge – to use it five times in different sentences, throughout the day. I will never forget her first sentence: she pointed at my uncle, who is bald, and said that he had versatile hair.

Speaking of the word ‘versatile’… the lovely Shafia nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award!  Her blog is super positive – and she is a teenage blogger too (like me!). I am so grateful for this nomination. Thank you so much, Shafia!


The last post I wrote was an award post too, which also had the rule to list seven facts about yourself. I had a difficult time thinking of seven facts last time – let’s see how I do today!

  1. I have an amazing sister (who now knows how to use the word versatile in a sentence). She is two years younger than me – but way taller than I am – and she is everything you could ever want a little sister to be. She is funny, so smart, and also incredibly talented. Love ya, Cal!
  1. I never enjoyed art class, but I love scrapbooking and DIY stuff. I DIY’d a lot of the gifts that I gave for Christmas this year – from bath bombs, to a mini terrarium.
  1. I am a competitive dancer. I do tap, jazz, and ballet and I also assist a ballet class for four year old dancers. So cute!
  1. My current favourite quote is “good things fall apart, so better things can fall into place.” I’ve been thinking about this quote a lot lately. It’s so reassuring to think that when something not so great happens, it is so that something even better can happen – and this is often the case!
  1. I was born with strawberry blonde hair, which quickly turned to blonde. I have always loved this random fact about myself – ever since I read the Nancy Drew series and found out that she was also a strawberry blonde! Bonus fact: the Nancy Drew series is the reason I loved to read as a child. At one point I think I had almost one hundred Nancy Drew books.
  1. It turns out that the weather website I’ve been checking recently is actually the forecast for New York… not very helpful, since I live in Canada.
  1. I write down all of my ideas for this blog in a notebook shaped like a chocolate bar. Because I mean, seriously; where else would they go? (Not in a normal shaped notebook, that’s for sure).

The rules for this award are as follows: display the award, thank the person who nominated you, share seven facts about yourself, nominate 15 blogs, and link to your nominee’s blogs and let them know that you nominated them. I’m nominating less than 15 blogs because I already nominated some amazing bloggers in my last award post. That being said, my fantastic nominees (in no particular order) are as follows:






As I mentioned in my last post, I absolutely love the idea of blogging awards where you nominate other bloggers because to me the whole point of blogging is really to connect with other people. So check out my nominees and share the blog love! PS – I promise my next post will be an actual post and not another award post… probably.